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  Open documentations market and workspace.
Electronic Perusals Pool Network.
* Eperusal.com is an open market and workspace containing documents system regulated w/o * exception per international rules and laws and generates finances with user data, * a business-partners program and optional and possible non-function breaking advertisements.
* Everyone has the lawable right to use the project by this conditions.
* Securing, advancing and building the efficiency of documentation markets.
* Business, marketing, lively and global forcement about int. rules and laws.
* Criminal and inhuman activities result in a temp. or lifelong exclusion.
* Editors/Partners have to deposit actual real personal data for official rightness.
* Eperusal.com is a Open model by Mode42.one.
* The international market/workspace building by justical/political state of art.
* Client-software solutions, web-solutions and technological mail services.
* Secure proved + full copy of id card, you can get an mode42.one mail account.
* Mode42.one mail accounts only for technological developments and matters.
* Mode42.one cant transfer offical documents, excepted for justical/political works.
* This platform without any exception project-long under this terms and conditions.
* Advertisements in a non-function breaking type is possible and optionaly.
* The conditions and terms will expanded from time to time, after the conditions here listed.
* In the situation of transfer documents, etc with eperusal.com there is an 20% payment * to Mode42.one directly of the net-profit saved with the pass on/acquired document(s) for * both sides.